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YGC Careers

Yebna GCC is more than innovative approaches to the industry. It’s about our people, who inspire us to imagine a new world of endless possibilities. From stressful tenders, to planning and operations, we know that creating this new world will take real collaboration and heart.

Which is why we want you to join our proactive team of engineers, management, and workers - and many more - who are imagining the future of tomorrow, today in the UAE.


We pride ourselves to be driven by significant commitments to people, resources, and research and development, at YGC you must take every opportunity to think boldly and audaciously, and to challenge the status quo wherever you find it.

At YGC, you’ll be working with caring people, who understand your commitments beyond the office; and who will value your dedication and loyalties. Surrounded by a genuine team, you’ll be working to push yourself and those around you, with your must-have challenges and innovative approaches, widening your horizons and pushing your career forward.


We like tradition, but strive to better ourselves with technological advances, thus allowing ourselves and our team to best excel at their day-to-day duties. So you’ll be able to shape your future – and ours - with the freedom and resources you need to build advanced technologies and disrupt entire sectors.

So come shape your future. Join us and move forward.

You lead the industry by nurturing the employees that make quality the trademark.

YGC Founder

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